Compare Listings is a platform where English Speaking tenants meet English Speaking landlords.

We help sharing the properties to rent or sales but we do not involve in the interactions between tenants and landlords.

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By submitting a property, you accept the following Terms and Conditions.

Before submitting a property, you must have the right to do so (Your own property or being authorized by the owner). The pictures you submit must reflect the real condition of the property and the description must also reflect the real condition of the property (No fake information, misleading,..)

You must respect the offer (rental, price) you have submitted on the platform, to the tenant.


We have the right not to publish properties with:

  • Low quality photos
  • Photos showing people on it
  • Photos not reflecting the condition of the property (Project Developer pictures,..)

We will not be hold responsible if the photos are not genuine.


You will have the opportunity to be contacted within the platform, by potential tenants. We will not intervene into your exchanges.

However, you should have an appropriate communication (No harassment, offense,..)