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How to write a good property ad?

How to write a good property ad?

In order to be impactful, your property description must be accurate, complete and to the point.

Here are our tips to help you write professional descriptions.

1. The essential information

The reader of your ad must be able to quickly assess if your property meets his/her requirement and then ask you a visit. To be complete and accurate, your description should include:

  • The type of the property (Apartment? Service Apartment? Villa? Office?…)
  • The availabilities (When is your accommodation available?)
  • If you rent if furnished (Fully or Basic?) or unfurnished
  • The localization of the property
  • The size of the property in square meters
  • The numbers of bedrooms (and bathrooms in some cases)
  • Some details such as nearby activities, or the list of furniture you are providing (Dish Washer?)
  • If you have a balcony / terrace
  • If there is a parking facility
  • If you provide internet connection
  • If the rent includes the management fee
  • The rental fee, deposit and the best way to contact you

An important part of the description is to highlight some key features or benefits of your property (A nice view? Close to a popular school? A playground nearby? …). Just the facts, in a neutral manner. But those little “+” can play a big role to differentiate your property from the rest of the market.

However, no need to go into too much details. Your text must be short (5 to 6 lines).
If you have done some renovations or specific adjustments, don’t forget to mention them, it can be a positive point for the candidates.

The masterpiece of your listing will come from the pictures that you add.

It’s important to add quality image that will highlight the key benefits of your property (The view? The large living room? The smart TV? …). It’s also recommended to upload several pictures (One for each room if possible) to give a good overview of your property. If you want some little plus, you can even share the 3D plan or make a short video.

Videos are becoming more and more popular and will have 2 advantages:

  • They give an excellent overview of the property
  • People that have viewed the video and wish to visit the apartment are more likely to take it. This will save you a lot of time in the visits.

So make sure you make the most of all the filters and features selection of to complete your ad.

2. What you cannot write

Needless to say, in your description, you cannot stipulate some sort of exclusion of certain persons (Nationality, sex, health, age, professional situation,…).

You cannot write something like:
“No couple with kids”
“Retired person not accepted”
“Person over 30 Years old only”
On top of having legal issues, it will give a bad image of your description, person, agency,.. We may moderate such description anyway.


An example of acceptable ad

Here is an example of a good ad (But you can do better!)

Apartment 2 Bedrooms 90sqm in City Garden
In Binh Thanh District, close to Dam Nin School
With a bright and spacious living room, both bedrooms with King Size beds
High floor (17F), fully equipped, including Dish washer and microwave
Available immediately – 1700USD per month, 1 month deposit.

But what will attract most of the visits will come from your pictures and videos.

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