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How to do beautiful photos to rent your property faster

How to do beautiful photos to rent your property faster

How to rent your property faster? By adding quality pictures that highlight the key elements of your property.

You want to lend your accommodation? Or write an impactful ad? Writing a good property ad is not enough.

Indeed, to differentiate your property from others, you must add beautiful pictures that will enrich your ad and attract more people to visit your property. Here are some tips that will help you take beautiful pictures of your property in order to attract your ideal tenant.

1. Always add several pictures to your ad

It’s a simple advice, but adding one photo for every room is critical. An ad with a picture is 7 times more viewed than an ad without pictures. Also, without proper photos, you will have a lot of unqualified visits, meaning visitors are not interested by your apartment, but realized it only later. A waste of time for you.

If you have a large living room for example, you can add 2 pictures with different angles, but no need to add >10 pictures in total, this will dilute your add with irrelevant photos that are not highlighting the benefits and features of your accommodation.

2. Show your equipment and furniture in a proper manner

If you rent with furniture, you want to claim a premium in doing so, hence, make sure the quality of the pictures highlights your equipment, especially in the kitchen (Dish washer, oven…) and bathroom (Bath? Shower? Mirror…), especially if those are expansive.

3. Pay attention to your 1st photo

The first photo you upload will be the photo that will be listed in the search engine results. Ensure you select your best photo, in order to attract more viewers to click on your ad and read the content / check others pictures.

4. Clean up, tidy up!

Regardless if you want to rent it furnished or unfurnished, before taking your pictures, ensure your property is clean and tidy.
You may even decide to remove some unnecessary furniture and decorations to gain space and brightness.

5. Choose carefully the moment you will do the picture for the natural light

A good photo is a bright one! Having enough natural light will accentuate your living space. You might prefer to take your pictures in the morning for best natural light for example.

Also, ensure to turn on your light if you have darker corners/space and open all the curtains if needed.

Using the flash of your camera might sounds like a good idea, but don’t. If you feel the need to use it, it means you don’t have enough natural light and even with the flash, it won’t look good. You might decide to take your pictures, another day, brighter day.

6. Choose the right angle

It’s probably the toughest part of all, but taking pictures with a good angle will emphasis the features of your apartment (Large sofa? Nice view,..).

For smaller rooms, you should take it from a corner directly and you might want to take them from different corners/angles, for you to select later on the best photos.
Also, for more accurate photos, ensure you take them at the same height than your eyes. Visitors will be more comfortable with it and will better recognize the rooms.


So, you are ready to add your property to




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